NFTurbo Update

Its been a while since we’ve made a Medium update!

Weekly Twitter Spaces — Turbo Time!

Starting on Monday, 9/27 @ 9:30 PM EST, we will be hosting Turbo Time on Twitter Spaces with our amazing emcee, @_Luke_NFT, a mod and long time community member of Deadheads!

We plan to just talk general NFT scene business as well as help people understand what our platform is about, and for now are planning on doing at least one NFT Giveaway per show!

Don’t sleep!

NFTurbo ‘Turbo Time’ Spaces every Monday night on twitter!

Calendar of Events

Empty Bunnies NFT, by @Fragmentaiz
Release date — October 18 – 6:30PM EST
The EmptyBunnies were created by Frag, a self-taught artist from the gritty streets of NYC who has turned to art as a way of expression. Frag’s artwork takes inspiration and influence from anime and graffiti.

Frag has worked for a non profit for 4 years (Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club of America) and is inspired to create projects that give back to the community and to charity as much as possible.

Every purchase will entitle you to Empty Bunnies merchandise (fulfilled by @fragmentaiz) and after a successful sale we will be donating 20% of the NFTurbo Shared Community Wallet to The National Alliance For Mental Health

Empty Bunnies NFT — Launching Mid October

GlitchClocks NFT, by @c_time_gallery (PARTNERED PROJECT)
Release date — October 21 at 2PM PST
GlitchClocks are completely unique pieces of art almost entirely created and animated through code. It is a homage to the importance of taking time to remember the experiences that made us who we are.

The collection has 10,080 randomly generated clocks stored immutably on the Ethereum blockchain. There is one for each minute of the day, every day of the week.

This is a really cool collection, the team is involved with AI, offering future rewards and eligibility to holders and is working on making actual watches available to holders of the NFTs!

GlitchClock NFT — Launches on October 14 @ 2PM PST

Origami Frames Collection NFT, by @dinosaurus1211
Release date — 10/29/2021

The Origami Frames NFT Collection is a unique Halloween / Origami themed collection created by artist @dinosaurus1211. He has been mastering origami folding techniques for 23 years where he lives in Vietnam.

The inspiration for his NFT collection is taken from his real life foldings, each NFT contains the actual folding steps to create the featured image. A digital version is created and randomized with a generative script, providing a unique NFT and real world experience with each purchase.

The Origami Frames Collection — Launches on 10/29/2021

Permanent Early Access System — NFTurbo Infinity Spheres

NFTurbo Crypto Artist Agency is offering a FREE PERMANENT EARLY ACCESS SYSTEM for all of our future drops!

The 1000 of the first holders of our first two projects, MoonChad NFT(currently minting) and EmptyBunnies NFT(coming October 18) will be eligible to receive a SECOND NFT for free, an Infinity Sphere.

This NFT will have utility on our platform. There are three tiers of infinity sphere that will be able to be claimed FOR FREE as a holder of our Genesis project, MoonChad NFT(still available for minting!!!) or our upcoming mid October project, Empty Bunnies NFT.

Tier 1 Rewards –10 Spheres of Infinity — Holders will receive:

Tier 2 Rewards— 100 Spheres of Inferno:— Holders will receive:

Tier 3 Rewards :

Tier 3 is broken out into 5 separate colors, each color is its own exclusive category for NFT and Ethereum giveaways. IE — on day 1 we have a giveaway for blue spheres, day 2 we have a giveaway for red, etc.

Also, each sphere in this tier also grants you early access to every future NFTurbo drop with token count over 5000.

As you can see, we have quite a lot in the works!

Please join our Discord server for more information or follow @nfturboart on Twitter — We are always looking for new artists to work with us so get in touch with us!